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Lawyers For People Who Lose Vision Or Hearing In An Accident

The personal injury lawyers of Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst in Oklahoma City, focus on providing experienced legal representation and dedicated advocacy to the victims of serious accidents and injuries. We serve families in Oklahoma City and the entire state.

Accidents that damage our clients’ ability to see and hear are some of the most devastating. They often have a lasting impact on an individual’s quality of life. We help victims of these injuries seek appropriate compensation for their damages so they can be free of financial worry and focus on getting their lives back.

Impaired Vision And Blindness

Accident victims who lose their vision face a multitude of challenges, including bills for diagnosis and treatment, the expense of making their home accessible and lost wages if they are unable to continue working. We represent people struggling with a range of serious eye injuries, including:

  • Anterior chamber hyphema
  • Torn or detached retinas
  • Chemical burns
  • Damage to the iris or pupils

Hearing Loss Caused By Negligence

Hearing loss sometimes happens naturally over time, but a traumatic incident or injury may bring on sudden hearing damage. This can make it difficult or impossible to go about your life as usual.

We have helped people who have experienced hearing loss because of unsafe working conditions, motor vehicle accidents, serious brain injuries, medical negligence and loud noises such as explosions.

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Our decades of experience handling high-stakes personal injury claims are invaluable to our clients who have become blind or deaf because of an accident. Our attorneys know how to efficiently interpret medical records, determine who was at fault for your injury, and tenaciously pursue full and fair compensation for you. Please contact us online or call 800-539-0652 to learn more.