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Oklahoma Dog Bite Law • Dog Aggression Toward Children • Reconstructive Surgery • Disfigurement

Dog owners in Oklahoma are considered to have “strict liability” when their animals attack and injure others. This means that homeowners insurance policies are obligated to compensate victims of dog bites without any need to prove that the owners of the dogs were negligent.

When A Dog Bite Has Caused Serious Injury

Dog aggression toward children is common. If you, your child, or any other family member has suffered a devastating injury as a result of a dog bite or worse (pit bull mauling, for example), it is important to seek knowledgeable legal counsel as soon as possible. Contact an Oklahoma dog bite lawyer through this website or by calling our office at 800-539-0652.

Gather Evidence, Consult With Doctors, Consider Long-Term Effects

As experienced personal injury lawyers, we understand the importance of gathering evidence, consulting with doctors, and insisting on a full consideration of the long-term consequences of a serious dog bite before accepting a settlement offer from an insurance company.

Compensation From Homeowners Insurance Can Fund Treatment, Plastic Surgery

Your child may require plastic surgery. Skin grafts and reconstructive surgery may lie ahead. Aggressive and thorough medical care after a dog bite may include prevention or treatment of fasciitis (flesh-eating infection) and psychological counseling to cope with the trauma of the dog attack and its resulting disfigurement. Unfortunately, women and children more often tend to suffer more socially when scarring ruins the appearance of face or legs. You owe it to the victim — yourself, or your child — to obtain the most effective treatment available after a dog bite, regardless of the cost.

Strict Liability Means There Is No Need to Prove “Fault”

You may hesitate to “sue” the dog’s owner after a bite or attack, especially when that person is your friend or family member. Or perhaps your own dog attacked you or your child. Allow us to explain how strict liability and homeowners insurance work in Oklahoma. Compensation will help you cope with lasting effects of the dog bite.

Dangerous Dog Breeds

If you have been bitten by a Rottweiler, pit bull, Doberman pincher, or any other canine from an aggressive dog breed in Oklahoma, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Oklahoma dog bite lawyer to schedule a free initial consultation.

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