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Legal Liability For Oil Field Accidents

The oil fields of Oklahoma can be a dangerous place to work. Although oil field workers are often skilled professionals who take their job seriously, safety hazards abound in Oklahoma’s oil fields. Oil field employers are responsible for implementing strict safety rules to protect workers from falls, being struck by heavy objects, being exposed to dangerous chemicals and other hazardous conditions.

Holding Negligent Employers Responsible

Most oil field employees work hard to protect themselves and their co-workers from injury. To provide the best protection against injury, however, an oil field worker needs the support of the company operating the oil field. When a company operating an oil field fails to follow safety rules or does not provide proper equipment or training so its employees can protect themselves, the employer may be liable for any injuries the oil field workers suffer as a result.

Working Under Harsh Conditions

Oil field workers know that their jobs pose dangers unlike any other. They often work long hours under rigorous conditions, handling heavy and complex equipment several feet off the ground. The risk for injury is always present, even when oil field workers are being as careful as possible. Oil field injuries in Oklahoma range from mild conditions to catastrophic injuries. Particularly when safety rules are ignored, oil field workers may suffer catastrophic head and spine injuries, partial or total paralysis, ruptured internal organs, loss of their sight or hearing, crushed limbs, or chemical burns.

These injuries permanently change the course of an oil worker’s life and may result in an oil worker being unable to do his or her former job. In extreme cases, workers may be unable to do any kind of work at all. Rehabilitation and therapy may take years, and the worker may never fully recover from his or her injuries. Medical bills pile up quickly, and may push an oil field worker and the worker’s family into extreme economic hardship, especially when the worker’s income is lost while he or she recovers.

Despite the high risk that oil field work poses to the professionals who do it, oil companies still find ways to cut costs, sometimes at their employees’ expense. Some companies save cash by ignoring safety rules, requiring workers to work without proper equipment, training, or rest between shifts in order to finish a project before a deadline, start running a new pipeline, or meet a production goal. Although oil companies have known for decades that safety is a paramount concern, the pressure of the bottom line often overrides companies’ concern for the needs of their workers. When oil companies cut corners on safety, their workers pay the price.

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